How can I Find a Reliable Plumber?

Have you noticed or hear a dripping or a type of hissing noise in your Bathroom? If so, then it’s likely that a piece of plumbing has sprung a leak.

If this is the case, unless you have knowledge of how to attempt to resolve the situation yourself, or at least stem the flow of any leakage periodically, it’s recommended that you call a professional, fully qualified plumber to access the problem. But how do you ensure that you chose the right one, what do you need to look for? burst pipe

Well, here are a couple of the things you should be looking out for, to make sure you choose the right person for the job:

  1. Word Of Mouth

Despite the large majority of businesses gaining customers online these days, it’s still more than common for plumbers and tradesmen to gain most of their business through word of mouth from their previous clientele.

This only makes every job for plumbers increasingly more important, knowing every action could affect future business prospects.

  1. Online Reviews

Once you have found a number of potential candidates, it’s recommended that you take a look through their online reviews, left by previous clients; which you can find by simply searching for their company name in a quick Google search.

Although they say that “you can’t please everyone”, you can still gauge a general consensus of the quality of the service provided by a particular company from the reviews they have received online.

  1. Accreditation’s/ CertificationsGas Safe Logo

Once you have a couple of potential candidates in mind, probably one of the most important factors is certainly to check whether your potential tradesman is qualified in their trade and carries the correct safety certification.

The most common accreditation in the plumbing industry is generally the Gas Safe certificate, so be sure to stay on the lookout for that.

  1. Experience

Another big point of interest should be experience they hold in the trade. As of course when hiring any sort of professional experience should always be top of the agenda.

As it proves that they’ve had the chance to learn from previous mistakes, gain a wealth of knowledge that they are already fairly reputable; as they wouldn’t have been able to survive over a certain period of time, providing a poor quality work.

  1. Past Work

It’s often that you’ll find past work from plumbers and other tradesmen on their own websites, that’s not to say those who don’t aren’t reliable or do a good job.

However, you can find out whether they have completed the task you were looking for previously and to what standard.

Although, these testimonial pages must be taken with a pinch of salt, as they’re of course they’re only going to share their best work. Instead, search for their company name in relevant forums; you’ll more than likely find some examples there, good or bad.

  1. Cost

Yes, we are all looking for a bargain wherever we can these days. But when it comes down to your home and something you rely on heavily every day, it shouldn’t be something that you gamble on just to save yourself £10 or so.

So when looking to hire a reliable plumber, try and take price out of the equation (within reason) and think of the previous points we’ve mentioned first.


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